Saturday, February 14, 2009


The die-cast of Vanguards Austin 7 Mini, designed and produced by Lledo PLC. in England in 1997.

The Mini was first produced in 1959 by the assembly of BMC (The British Motor Corporation Ltd.) It was assembled under the name of Morris and Austin. It was named Autin Seven. In the initiate period, it was written “SEVEN” for the remembrance of Austin 7 which was a tiny car in 1920-1930.

This model is grey body, metal base just the same colour, the bumper, windshield and front light with chromium, clear windows, grey interior, black steering wheels and chromium plated hub. Packaging in a paper box with the original style of die-cast from Europe. There are side view mirror, the manual of fixing, a photo card of the car, registration sticker and a cataloque.

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