Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Jeep with Horse Trailer- Quality die cast and plastic Jeep towing a horse trailer. This durable Siku item has moving parts and is part of Europe's #1 line of die cast vehicles. The German engineering quality shows in the details and strength of the product. The wheels are welded to the axles & tires made of rubber for long lasting play on the farm!

Siku is the brand name of the range of diecast toys made in Germany by Sieper Werke, whose plant is situated at Ludenscheid, where the company started in 1921. he founder of the company was Richard Sieper, and initially made goods in aluminum. In 1949 it moved over toy production in plastic, although the vehicles were fairly basic. The name Siku is derived from Sieper and Kunststoffe (meaning plastic).

In 1955 the company launched a range of vehicles and accessories, using a constant 1/60th scale. The plastic toys continued in production until 1967. There was also a range of 1/250th scale aircraft.

In 1963 the company's first diecast toys appeared: at first these were also to 1/60th scale, until 1973 when the scale was changed to 1/55th. A range of farm equipment was introduced in 1983: this was to 1/32nd scale, the same as used by Britains for their farm models. In 1990 a series of smaller toys was launched.

Siku have for a long time incorporated various operating features into their toys The company also produces the predominantly 1/87th scale (there are also 1/43rd scale model) range of plastic vehicles sold the name of Wiking.--Encyclopedia of Model Collecting.


Melvin said...

Do you have the Jeep? where did you get it?

Youkonton Ratarasarn said...

Please check out this site for the Jeep

jeep diecast

Kids-Nook said...

Siku makes beautiful models with moving doors and other parts. But they also make amazing accessories, like for example the horses in your model.

I bought one of their playsets for my kid (the road plates are amazing but the houses are bad) and I also bought street signs and they are the best diecast accessories I've seen. Incredibly durable and extremely detailed. You can check them out at Siku Toy Cars. Hope you like the photos and my thoughts on Siku.