Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Chevrolet eliminated the corvette’s fake hood louvers and rear deck chrome strips in 1959 while giving it more supportive new seats and a’t-handle’ reverse gear lockout on the shift handle. AUTOart has just released this very accurate 1959 ‘Vette and even a Ford fan like me has to admit that it’s absolutely gorgeous. There’s no room for a full description so we’ll hit the high spots. Every piece except the crossed flag emblems and trunk lock; those are printed in chrome. Under the correctly hinged hood, the base 230-horsepower engine is wired and plumbed. The hardtop fits snugly and can be removed to better see the excellent interior detail. There are small, almost hidden mould lines on the aluminum painted exhaust pipes and suspension components are separate from the baseplate but there are no hydraulic or fuel lines. The new-for-’59 ventilated wheels and their skinny tires are modeled very well. The workmanship is outstanding, and dimensions are precise.--SMI April 2007 Read more

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