Wednesday, November 20, 2013

EFE 1/76 AEC RT - LT

EFE's old faithful RT was its first ever bus. when introduced, it was such a detailed model that it was such a detailed model that it virtually created the hobby of 1/76th scale bus collecting on its own.

But even something that set new standards in 1989 could be seen as tired by 1999, and the model was needing a new lease of life. And it has got one.

It has new under-chassis 'running boards'; side traffic indicators  tween decks; a new radiator; tided up casting around the driver's area.

These changes have really bought a new lease of life to the casting. The radiator makes it look most authentic with its masterful grille effect and tiny AEC/LT badge.

This model is of an unusual variant it features an off-side information panel (Routh 29) and roof mounted route code box as well. This combination was short-lived, but it did happen. Shop here


This box set is a great way for a casual or new collector to get into Hot Wheels. The set comes with 50 different cars and other vehicles (no duplicates) and as far as I can tell, they are not randomly put in there as I have found info from others and they seemed to have the same vehicles in their boxes as mine came with. If you don't have any or only own a few Hot Wheels, you will be pleased with the variety of cars. There is something in there for just about any kind of car nut to enjoy. I am certain that any kid would love this set as well, it's just a great set for any age group.

The box is made of nicely printed cardboard and about the size and shape of a small shoe box, and the cars are packed in tightly so it weighs a good amount. If you put them back in, be sure to do so carefully or you can damage the packaging of the individual cars (if that matters to you). The cars all come on the so called short cards, not the standard cardboard backs that you will see in a retail store. A few standouts were the Batmobile, a Monte Carlo SS (80's), Nissan GTR, Datsun 510, Ford GT, Cuda, Chevelle and Twin Mill III.

I'd say if you're a hard core collector, you probably have all the cars in the box and don't need to buy this, but for a kid or casual/new collector this is a great way to start your collection or could be enough to be your whole collection. Not having seen the actual contents I was a little apprehensive before buying this, but now that I have it I can say I wouldn't hesitate to buy it. There are only one or two cars in the box I didn't like, the rest are great. Shop here


The Jaguar XJ6 Series II was introduced in 1973 with final production ceased in 1979. Only minor changes were made over the earlier Series I cars, the bumpers were raised slightly to meet pending US regulations, the front end was subtly revised and some minor technical improvements were made. The Series II XJ6 was delivered with either a 4,235cc DOHC I-6 engine producing 170bhp @ 4,750rpm or a 3,442cc DOHC I-6 engine which produced 160bhp @ 5,000rpm, transmission was still the 4 speed manual with optional overdrive, or the optional Borg Warner 3 speed automatic gearbox.

This model comes with a twin axle horse box which the Jaguar was more than capable of towing, and would be the perfect combination by many people around the country. Shop here

Thursday, November 14, 2013


There's a real appeal to the Barton fleet, with plenty of people who have never had a ride on a Barton Buses vehicle still unable to resist models in the livery.

The Barton livery this National I appears in really suits the shape of the bus, and the archer logo is very well done.

A nice touch is the Barton logo on the drivers windscreen. There's no sign of any legal lettering on our pre-production sample, we rather think it should be for Trent, new owners of Barton. Shop here


The Atlantean was hardly an unqualified success for London Transport. In its short life it wore few livery variations, but XA18 is seen with open bullseye livery. It also features nice LT house ads for travel enquiries and exact fares.

The EFE advertisements feature a gold stripe, but the production release features the correct white stripe appropriate for the open bullseye era. Shop here