Wednesday, November 20, 2013

EFE 1/76 AEC RT - LT

EFE's old faithful RT was its first ever bus. when introduced, it was such a detailed model that it was such a detailed model that it virtually created the hobby of 1/76th scale bus collecting on its own.

But even something that set new standards in 1989 could be seen as tired by 1999, and the model was needing a new lease of life. And it has got one.

It has new under-chassis 'running boards'; side traffic indicators  tween decks; a new radiator; tided up casting around the driver's area.

These changes have really bought a new lease of life to the casting. The radiator makes it look most authentic with its masterful grille effect and tiny AEC/LT badge.

This model is of an unusual variant it features an off-side information panel (Routh 29) and roof mounted route code box as well. This combination was short-lived, but it did happen. Shop here

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