Tuesday, August 7, 2012


The Connoisseur Collection has been created to capture the golden days of public transport. Each release in this exclusive range of 1/50 scale, high specification models comes with it's own numbered Limited Edition Certificate and a unique replica cap badge of the era.It is in the livery of Yellowway. This is truly lovely model, with Corgi having captured the look and shape of the vehicle perfectly. Particularly pleasing is the ribbed chromework, which is such a distinctive feature of the actual coaches and which has been reproduced effectively on the model. Also good to see are the flush windows, with the window frames moulded on and then picked out in silver

The headlights are plastic fittings, while the rear lights have a good appearance. The windscreen wipers are separately fitted: the side mirrors are provided for the buyer to fit. The front wheels can be turned. Chassis detail is provided. The paintwork and decoration are both to a high standard.

The one disappointment with this model is the lack of detail in the driver's cab area, and indeed the driver himself looks out of place: indeed the model might well have been improved without a driver. However, it is altogether a fine model, which comes with a replica driver's badge. Shop here

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CaboReyes said...

Very very nice Bus!