Saturday, February 25, 2012


A blowout is one of the most frightening occurrences that can happen on the open road because it usually comes without warning and makes the car difficult to handle. With hands firmly on the steering wheel, the driver must pull the wobbly automobile to the shoulder of the road, getting out to examine the damage to take care of this upsetting driving hazard was the Flying A Tire Service vehicle which was prepared for any type of tire repair. Fitted with a full rack of spare tires, an air tank with a pressure gauge, a  hydraulic jack and airhose, this service vehicle was capable of fixing or replacing tires, safely and quickly. At one time, the Flying A symbol a stylized winged A—was one of the most recognizable gas company logos. It was a symbol of quality and service and, for the traveler stranded on the side of a road, it was a sure sign that the car would soon be up and ready and cruising down the highway. And now the Flying ‘A’ Tire Service 1953 Ford F100 is part of The Fabulous Fifties Road Service Collection. It has been crafted in die-cast metal by Matchbox Collectibles—“the Greast Name in Die-Cast.”

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