Monday, November 15, 2010


Who doesn't know about the famous Uhlenhaut coupe with its landmark gullwing doors? Only two prototypes of this model were built, and it was and still is a formidable street car. Today every automobile enthusiast knows what is meant by "the Uhlenhaut coupe," even though this was never an official designation. When Rudolf went to work in the morning, the whole neighborhood noticed it. This CMC model is a precision model, hand-assembled and composed of 1,817 single parts. The "greenhouse" of this coupé resembles the cockpit of a plane. The seats are covered with checked cloth fabric. True to the original, the interior is covered with red leather. The cockpit is complete with all instruments, control elements, switches and levers. Inside the trunk are two removable spare wheels, which are of different diameters, corresponding to those of the front and rear wheels respectively. The shiny side pipes, coming out of the air opening, are made of stainless steel. The cover of the maintenance opening can be removed. It is held in place by a simple but elegant magnetic mechanism. Everything is replicated faithfully to the real car. Additional features of this incredible model include: Rotary flipper window, which is integrated inside the side window, highly-detailed and angular-installed 8-cylinder in-line-engine, all aggregates, pipes and cabling included, support rod for the engine hood, hand-wired spokes, stainless-steel nipples, and aluminum rim, a fine wire mesh protects the air inlet duct of the engine, removable three-wing central locking nuts and detachable wheels. The central locking nuts are so designed that they are side-specific, and finally detail-exact rear bodywork showing the Mercedes star, the 300 SLR type designation and the D-Logo. See more

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