Thursday, October 14, 2010


Hours of fun await you with this amazing two-vehicle retro toy. Based on classic Schuco patented metal toys from decades past, both race car and transport operate. The truck is electrically powered with three D batteries and is connected by cable. You can drive it forward or backward and the steering is mechanically controlled by the clear handheld control through the cable. Once parked, you can engage the motor to lift the cargo bed too. Additionally, the horn operates using a separate wind-up mechanism and is activated by a button on the hood. The Schuco Studio race car is a gem onto itself. Patterned after a 1936 Mercedes racer, the model uses a classic wind-up mechanism for propulsion and the front wheels are controlled from the cockpit steering wheel. All this plus a cast metal, hand-painted driver figure as well as the mechanic behind the wheel of the transport. Instructions plus certificate of production and authenticity are safely tucked inside the large red gift box with retro graphics and hinged lid. Shop here

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Kin said...

Hi Mr.DM,

Schuco indeed one of the best diecast manufacturer that c/w a reasonable price.
I got a few Audi cars also from Schuco.

This vintage truck just look amazing.