Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Lledo’s ‘Police Panda Cars of the 1960s’ set is a two model affair, limited to 5,000. The Ford Anglia is of the Metropolitan Police and comes with Police roof box. It really does look the part and is an important and is an important addition to Police model collections as it was this car that first bore that blue and white livery in Lancasshire in 1965.
The Austin Mini is from the Hampshire Constabulary and was one of that force’s first ever Panda cars, based in Basingstoke. On the lid of the box you can clearly see the authentic registration numbers on both models. What a pity, therefore, that collectors then have to put up with a sheet of adhesive labels bearing different numbers when they open the box. This spoils an otherwise excellent set – it surely can’t cost that much more for Lledo to place the correct number on each model. Even if it did, I’m sure most collectors would agree that it was worth it. - - Shop here

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TiNiO said...

wow! :O

i like that police mini van. it's on my wishlist. ;)