Monday, July 26, 2010


The classic Volkswagen T1 Minibus was first produced in 1950 and continued to be made until 1967. Its duties ranged from functional to fun, seeing duty as delivery van, service truck, emergency vehicle, family car and getaway camper. With its low cost, high reliability and ease of maintenance, it was a hit with all its owners, but is probably best remembered as an iconic symbol of ‘60s counterculture. The VW van was among the first 'forward control' designs in which the driver was placed above the front wheels. Thanks to wind-tunnel testing, the Minibus was aerodynamically superior to the Beetle despite its slab-sided shape. Never known for its power, the Minibus started out with only an 1131cc engine making 25 hp. By the end of its production, engine displacement grew to 1.5 liters, producing a whopping 42 hp. No matter the size, however, the engines were always air-cooled, a VW hallmark. Buy it now

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