Sunday, June 6, 2010


The Citroën HY Van was a light delivery van produced by the French car maker between 1947 and 1981. It was developed as a simple front wheel driven van after WWII. A total of 473,289 were produced in 34 years in factories in France and Belgium. The engine, gear box and many smaller parts are borrowed from other Citroën models. For example, the engine and gearbox are nearly the same as the Traction Avant automobile, only mounted with the engine to front. For many years, the head lights and speedometer were identical to the classic 2CV. The distinctive corrugated body work was inspired by German Junkers aircraft of the 1930s. The ribs added strength without adding weight, and needed only simple, low cost tools, which was ideal for a cash-strapped, post-WWII Citroën. The flat body panels were braced on their reverse side by box sections, set at right angles to the ribs. Buy it now

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