Friday, March 19, 2010


The Minichamps model is a superbly detailed, highly accurate rendition of the parade Lincoln, dubbed X-100 by the Secret Service. The car itself was specifically built to show off the President and so had a number of unique elements, including two radio telephones, extra jump seats, interior floodlights and retractable steps for Secret Service agents. It even had a hydraulically operated platform which could raise the President so the crowd could see him better.

One quick look at this model is enough to excite the collector: The chrome side trim captures perfectly the lines of the vehicle and the six figures inside flick into your mind images caught for posterity on the legendary Zapruder film. Great care has been taken to recreate the clothes of the four VIP passengers, right down to the angle of Jackie’s hat, the buttons on the collar of the President’s shirt and the exact coif of his hair. Even the flags on the front have been cleverly crafted into wind-rippled cloth with an excellent ripple effect. The wheels are true to the originals, with their whitewall trim and the gold-star-on-white emblems in the centre of the concave hup caps, and the Lincoln badges on the bonnet and on the spare wheel cover at the rear convince you even further. Buy it now

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