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Although by 1969 the Morris Minor van was in essence a 20-year-old design Police forces continued to use it because it fulfilled their needs reliably and economically. The city of Glasgow Police used SYS 124G for various non-urgent duties. See more.

Y23 - 1930 MACK 'AC' TANKER

Over the years, there have been many versions of the Mack type ‘AC’ as truck. 1991 saw the release of the second livery on the Mack ‘AC’ tanker, that of ‘Conoco’. Although this had a white tank and the red livery of the rest of the model was lighter than the ‘Texaco’ red, it proved to be no more popular than ‘Texaco’. The ‘Conoco’ was developed in the Macau factory, but the regular production run was carried out after production had been transfered to the factory on mainland China.

The Mack was one of the first models to have wheels and tryes base on those of the actual vehicle. The cab and chassis for tanker was made from the tooling that was used for the Mack truck. The ‘front’ end consisted of the bonnet and rear mounted radiator, the cab sides and roof, windscreen frame the cab doors, and the cab floor, steps and front mudguards. The tanker was a one-piece casting, which included the rear ‘cupboard’. Set onto a shallow-sided truck body, which included three discharge valves at the rare. Some ‘Conocos’ also appeared fitted with ‘plated’ wheels, this time with a light gold finish, while some others were of a darker gloss red. See more.

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The long wheelbase Mercedes 600 Pullman is the well-known 1970s flagship of the mercedes limousine fleet, and both in closed and landaulet forms has served many world leader including the Shah of Persia, Pope Johannes Paul II and Pope Paul VI. Most state visits to West Germany in the early '70s used such vehicles, including that of Queen Elizabeth II. (Leonid Brezhnev, however, settled for a short wheelbase 600!)

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Le Mans 24 Hours is a subject that brings out the passion in collectors. Serious collectors will need to stick to 1/43rd scale, but there are more and more 1/18th scale models availables as well.

A favorite theme for collectors is the winners; every winner since the first race in 1923 has been modelled. No need searching for the winners from 1940 to 1948 though, because there were no races during the war years. Starter made every winner to 2003 in resin and, although they were no longer producing models, collectors can still find them. IXO have set out to produce every winner in diecast and they are now about 40% of the way through the list. The 1933 winning Alfa was red and yellow do the same or make it the authentic red and cream? Latest issue is the stunning Aston Martin DBR9, and IXO's prototype is this month's cover star!

The phototype of IXO's imminent 1/43rd scale model of the Aston Martin DBR9, is shown here. IXO will be producing a limited edition of 3,000 of these models under the ProDrive/Aston Martin brand, in official Aston Martin packaging. This model will also be issued under general release in IXO's Le Mans brand packaging.
Once people have collected all the winners they can expand their interest by collecting all the second and third place finishers, or a marque such as Jaguar, Porsche of Ferrari, or British car that race at Le Mans, or simply the cars that the collector especially likes. --Model Collector


The khamsin was the successor to the Ghibli. Citroen being majority stakeholders, this car carries a few of their components. The car is fitted with a ZF five speed gearbox. IXO's well crafted model should please collectors of this popular marque. See more.

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In a Corgi ballot, this vehicle type drew the most votes. To represent England, readers chose this Newcastle based haulier's ERF. The packaging includes two reproduction catalogues, plinth, certificate and a keyring bearing the initials of J.R. Adams. See more.


The Dumfries and Galloway Constabulary is the smallest Police Service in the UK. From the mid 1950's to the mid 1970's it ran a small number of Jaguars and this Jaguar XJ6 Saloon was attached to Dumfries Traffic Dept between 1973 and 1975. It proved to be a fine motorway patrol, high speed pursuit vehicle until it was replaced by the Rover SDi in 1975.

This force is the smallest in the UK. They have been users of the Jaguar marque for 20 years. This traffic Patrol Car, dating from 1973, was more than capable of holding its own in a high speed pursuit. One to please collectors of Scottish police force vehicles. See more.


The Sierra Sapphire Cosworth, a raucous race winner turned luxury saloon, the 1991-1992 'Cossie' was the ultimate in understated performance. To celebrate a decade of Vanguards, Corgi have released a new tooling of this world famous car. It comes in the eye-catching Moondust Silver colour. There will be only be 2,020 available worldwide. A crisp casting that captures the look of this car splendidly. See more.


This model comes in an impressive box, unlike the normal 1/18th scale packaging, and is well packed. The detailing and finish is first class. The front doors open, and they're a snug fit, to reveal the carpet effect interior. The boot is also carpeted. See more.

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1961 Chrysler Imperial Crown Diecast Model White 1/18 Die Cast Car By Yat Ming

Classic Imperial ConvertibleChrysler revived the Imperial as a separate marque (not ‘Chrysler Imperial’) in 1960 with new unibody construction and gave it new cutaway front fenders, a shorter grille centered under an extended hood, and unique free standing headlights for 1961. Yat Ming has modeled all these features very accurately for their new 1961 Imperial Convertible. Its big diecast body is smooth and clean and the glossy ‘Alaskan White’ finish matches my paint chips very well. There’s a lot of chrome on a ’61 Imperial, and except for the printed Imperial scripts Yat Ming has reproduced every piece, even the thin fin caps, with separate chrome-plated parts. The big 413 cid-V-8 is wired and plumbed, though the plug wires are a couple of scale inches thick and the alternator is supported only by its drive belt. The interior makes up for that, though, with properly hinged doors, windows that slide up and down, and soft gray carpet on the floor. The split front seat folds forward on an angle just like the real car, the rear armrest folds away, and photos dhow the dash details are accurate, though the smaller gauges aren’t detailed. Overall lines match photos in the June 2005 ‘Collectible Automobile’ from all angles and dimensions are a consistent 1:18 scale.


1956 Lincoln Premiere Diecast Model Yellow 1/18 Die Cast Car Platinum By Sunstar

Bigger was definitely better for 1950s American Iron and few cars were bigger than the 1956 Lincoln Premier. While the ’56 Cadillac and Imperial were face-lifted older models, the 1956 Premier was completely new and its clean, sharp-edge lines won the prestigious International Design Institute Award. SunStar’s new 1956 Premier Convertible has many fine features – pivoting doors, parallelogram hood hinges, spring-loaded pivoting wipes, and exceptionally thin ‘gold’ photo-etched badges – but none of these would mean much if the shape was wrong. Happily, the lines, proportions, and details are all exactly right. All the trim on this fully detailed model is done with separate plated pieces or photo-etched parts. Lifting the hood displays the big 368 cid V-8 which is also very well detailed; even the hose clamps have been picked out and SunStar has included a couple of bags for the trunk, too. Despite its massive size, SunStar’s premier is amazing 0.02 inches of perfect 1:18 scale.


Ferrari F2000 Michael Schumacher Diecast Car Model 1/18 Die Cast Car Elite Edition 1 of 5555 Made by Hotwheels

The model represents the pre-season launch of the German champion, Michael Schumacher, carrying racing number 3. This car was to set Ferrari on their winning ways for the 2000 season, ending with Michael Schumacher taking the first World Driver's title since 1979, and Ferrari securing their second successive Constructor's title.


Ferrari F430 Challenge 14 Diecast Model Super Elite 1/18 Die Cast Car by Hotwheels

Ferrari had reaffirmed the strong link between its GT and Sporting Divisions with the F430 Challenge which was specifically designed to meet the expectations of its sportier clinets. The F430 Challenge retains the same general look and 490 hp engine as the road-going version, however, it also incorporate a large number of significant track-oriented modifications and a host of new features not seen in the previous 360 Challenge. As ever, the transfer from Formula 1 is significant, particularly with regard to the braking system which uses carbon-ceramic material, a first for a Ferrari sports competition car. The electronic gearbox is also F1-derived and works in exactly the same way as the one used aboard the Grand Prix car. New 19” slick tyres have also been specifically developed by Pirelli to comply with the very strict racing regulations whilst still delivering blistering. Performance.

The F430 Challenge boasts a kerb weight of just 1,225 kg, the weight being reduced in every area of the car, from the engineering to the bodywork, and to ensure that drives get the full benefit of the car’s sporty prowess on the track, the E-Diff has been replaced by a mechanical differential and the EBD has been replaced with a mechanical system. The most notable of the other solutions introduced in the new F430 Challenge is the steering wheel with a quick release mechanism to make it easier to get into and out of the car. The rear of the car is characterized by a new exhaust system which has high central tail pipes, and a modified grille which increases the extraction of hot air from the rear of the engine bay. The anti-roll bars, springs and single-rate shocks have all been modified for racing use too and the centre-locking wheels make wheel changes faster too, as does the fact that the car incorporates pneumatic jacks.

Once again Hot Wheels has triumped with their model of the F430 Challenge, with all the detail of the real car scaled down to 1:18 including the single, centre locking wheel nut, the 490hp engine and the fabulous body styling and decals. A supreme addition to any Ferrari or racing collection. ( Review by SMI magazines)

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Siku are primarily a toy manufacturer, but over recent years they have made in-roads into the low-end collector market. The company's scaled construction equipment now fits in with the world's standard scale of 1:50. Back Hoe Loader- Quality die cast product that uses a wide square tilting bucket on the end of movable arms to lift and move material and an extending excavation arm on opposite side. This durable Siku item has moving parts and is part of Europe's #1 line of die cast vehicles. The German engineering quality shows in the details and strength of this product. The wheels are welded to the axles & tires made of plastic for long lasting play on the construction site! This toy has some excellent graphics and is fully poseable. See more.


Another beautifully packaged model for the concept car collector. The model depicted here first saw the light of day at the Mondial de Paris in 2004. This quad bike style model contains a lot of detail for such a small model, especially in the area of the drive axles. See more.


There were 929 of these cars produced in a run lasting twelve years, 1973 to 1985. From the Berlinetta Boxer it took the Flat 12 engine and the car could reach 175mph, with 0 to 60 reached in 7.2 seconds. The model captures well the business like look of the real car. See more.

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Mini Miglia - Mini 7 Racing Club as driven by Stephen King. The Dunlop Mini Miglia No.25 was built during 2005 and is prepared and owned by Stephen King.A designer manager who lives in Sheperdswell, Kent.Stephen has competed in many forms of Mini racing and decided to take the step into the fastest classic Mini category with a brand new car.The Dunlop Mini Miglia challenge cars accelerate from 0-60mph in around 4.5 seconds and have a top speed in the region of 120mph on longer circuits! Very impressive! Shop here.


By the time the Defender was launched in 1983 Rover had made 1.4 million Land Rovers and the Range Rover had been in production for thirteen years; not bad for a model that had been planed mainly as a post war stopgap to be made whilst rationing was still in force. However in 1983 that stop gap model became a marque in it's own right and traditional Land Rovers were christened Land Rover Defenders and fitted with coil spring suspension similar to that used by it's more expensive cousin.

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Best Looking Ford of All Time 1940 Ford Deluxe Coupe Quality Car in the Low-Priced Field Ford's ad slogan in 1940 was The Quality Car in the Low-Priced Field. This certainly was true with the Deluxe Coupe, which offered the bigger 85 horsepower V-8 for only $722. But looking back almost 70 years later, what really stands out is the cars beautiful look. Favored for years by hot rodders, who loved it not only for the V-8 engine but also for its body curves and long deck, it has often been called the best-looking Ford of all time. Bob Gregorie Provides a Facelift By 1940 Ford was already preparing for war as its Rouge plant was now building aircraft engines. But this did not prevent Bob Gregorie, Ford's chief stylist, from coming up with 22 improvements both inside and outside. Inside, the big news was the moving of the gear shift from the floor to the steering column. Outside the new grille for the Deluxe line was a dramatic combination of chrome and painted metal. The new sealed beam headlights were in the now famous teardrop shape. Although not as popular as the 4-door models, the Deluxe Coupe made up for seating only 3 with a long package shelf and huge trunk. Features: Opening Hood Opening Doors Working Steering System Ford Bragged that their 85 Horsepower V-8 Needed No breaking In Completely Redesigned Interior Included Steering Column Gear Shift Precision Die-Cast Replica 10.5 Inches Long 1:18 Scale. Shop here.

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Porsche Boxster Concept Diecast Model Silver 1/18 Die Cast Car By Maisto

Maisto's large 1:18 proportion line is the 1997 Porsche Boxter. When this car hit the show circuit in 1994, Porsche fans every where rejoiced. Finally, a Porche convertible that would represent new value from the Stuttgart manufacturer. Maisto is the first to offer a 1997 Porsche Boxter model, and it's beautiful. From accurate tooling to exquisite detail to stunning finishing techniques, it won't disappoint you. Available at fine diecast collectors.

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The La Storia collection tells the history of Ferrari's Formula I cars since 1948. 56 models (all new tools manufactured under licence from Ferrari SPA and Hotwheels) will be featured in the series. The slick metal book case and literature inside make this perfect gift material. Shop here.


2006 Jaguar XK Coupe Liquid Diecast Model Silver 1/18 Die Cast Car By Autoart

Jaguar unveiled an all-new 2006 car, called simply the ‘XK’ at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2005. It used the new XJ’s aluminum chassis and is offered as both a coupé and convertible incidentally, in a quite different manner to the way sports cars are usually designed, the coupe is based on the convertible. This meant that the engineers could design the convertible without the drawbacks of the car looking like, and actually being, a coupe with the top chopped off. This, coupled to the ultra rigid aluminum spaceframe, makes the XK convertible exceptionally rigid for a car of its type, offering an extremely impressive driving experience! Originally powered by a 300hp version of the 4.2L AJ V-8 engine, a supercharged version with 420hp is also available. The new XK’s grille is also inspired by that of the ever wonderful Jaguar E-Type and its curvaceous shape was intended as a tribute to this icon of the 1960a. The XK has also introduced a world first in pedestrian safety. In numerous pedestrian collisions with vehicles, head injuries occur when a pedestrain’s head impacts with the bonnet of the vehicle. However, the injuries are not usually sustained from the bonnet itself, rather the bonnet deforming and the pedestrain’s head colliding with the engine block underneath. Jaguar’s innovation is to have sensors in the front bumper that determine if a pedestrian has indeed been struck and this then triggers two pyrotechnical charges that instantaneously lift the bonnet, providing extra distance between engine and head. In effect, the bonnet becomes the exterior equivalent of an airbag! The bonnet’s sheet metal nay not be soft, but it’s much more accommodating than a solid engine block! (Reviewed by SMI)

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On the 6th June 1944, two Allied armies, one British and one American landed on the Normandy beaches and secured a firm foothold in German-occupied-Europe. Progress was slow and bloody the troops having to battle for every inch of ground but after 3 months of heavy fighting the Allied forces gradually wore down the German Resistance eventually trapping and cutting the German Army to pieces in the Falaise Pocket.

A nicely packaged model of a Cromwell Centaur & 3 British Paratroops, D.Day Normandy 1944, model length 150mm.

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Ford put a tremendous amount of effort into the 1967 Safari Rally, entering seven cars in total and spending a budget of £50,000 on the event. Motorsport is, however, a fickle thing and they were beaten to the overall win by the previous year's victors, Bert Shankland and Chris Rothwell, in a Peugeot 404. Ford led the rally initially with the Soderstrom/Palm car modelled here. However that car developed alternator trouble, and because they were unable to use all their lights they did not see a huge trench running across a road on the route. Being first on the road, they plunged headlong into it and their rally was over. Release date: September 2007


The original Corgi company never made another safari toy, but in 1998, new Corgi issued a commemorative Daktari set.No.07104 included the old 1/43 scale Land Rover, but the wheels are different, and the rear window in the cab is larger.

The black strips are bolder, as are the Wameru transfers, which are now on the pick-up sides. Included with the vehicle are very good models of Judy the chimp and Clarence with his glasses.

The box is particularly pleasing, with Daktari logo, Clarence artwork, publicity stills and photos of a Land Rover on Safari. Although it's not a limited edition, it may prove a little harder to find than its contemporaries. Buy it now.

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Author by: Janet Ashby

Collecting diecast toys has been a favourite hobby for both children and adults for many years. These mini replicas of full size vehicles have fascinated many generations. Many diecast toys in perfect condition, complete with the original box, special markings and price tags have increased in value enormously. Some of these models were specially made for store openings, launches of new products or special events. They were offered for sale in stores, given as prizes in competitions or sold through catalogs where they could be purchased as sets.

Originally only a few models were produced but over the years they have been manufactured for major racing events, releases of new car lines and to promote cereals, popular drinks and cartoons. All the common vehicles can be found as diecast models including police cars, farm vehicles, ambulances and army tanks. Some popular models include John Deere toy tractors, diecast toy trucks and diecast toy cranes.

The box that the diecast model came with was usually made from thin cardboard or plastic and those models with their original case in good condition are particularly prized. As the boxes were made of flimsy material they can easily be damaged by moisture, sunlight or dirt. Keeping the box in perfect condition is often more of a challenge than preserving the diecast vehicle itself!

Diecast models are often displayed in plastic showcases but some collectors store their prized models in plastic bags or storage boxes. This will keep the cars and boxes dry and away from damaging sunlight. If displayed in showcases the models need to be dusted often with a dry cloth. A damp cloth should not be used on boxes as this can fade the ink or wrinkle the box.

Diecast toys kept over from childhood may be worth collecting if they are examples of rarer models. These include models made for a particular product that is obsolete, or a model made to represent a sports personality. Information on rarity values can be found from speciality magazines, collectors catalogs or your local library. Clubs and conventions are good places to find enthusiasts with the information you need, and to trade, sell or buy diecast toys.

The condition of diecast vehicles may be described as below. Mint generally means that there are no defects or wear marks.

Mint condition - There are no broken, missing or misaligned parts. The paint is perfect and there are no glue marks or other assembly marks.

Mint in Box - These are mint condition models in their original box and packaging.

Mint on Card - These are models still enclosed in the original blister packaging.

Some examples of Diecast Toys that are much sought after by collectors and therefore more valuable include the following.

Limited Editions - These diecast toys were produced in a restricted number and the cast was then destroyed. Limited editions are highly collectible and the number of models produced in the run should be included in the information supplied with the model.

Limited Production Cars - Examples include Matchbox Challenge cars, Treasure Hunt Hunt Wheels, Racing Champion's Chase cars and Johnny Lightening White Lightening cars.

Retired Toy Cars - Toy vehicles that the manufacturer has stopped making. They may decide to reissue the vehicle later with color or detail changes.

Toy Vehicles with Certificates - Vehicles produced by Franklin Mint or Danbury Mint may include Certificates of Title or Certificates of Authenticity.

Diecast toys with their original paperwork and packaging will be more valuable than the same model without the packaging. If you plan to sell a toy vehicle keep the original packaging in as good condition as possible.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Ford Shelby Cobra GT500 Diecast Model Red 1/18 Die Cast Car by Autoart

Just the name ‘Shelby’ will make any Ford fan’s heart-rate jump, and although the old snake-charmer didn’t lend much but his name and aura to Ford’s new ‘Shelby GT-500’ Mustang. That, along with the car’s phenomenal performance, is enough to make it the most hotly sought after piece of American Iron in decades. AUTOart has just released this beautiful 1:18 scale model. It’s the 2005 ‘Concept Car’ first shown at the New York Auto Show, though differences from the production 2007 GT-500 is almost indistinguishable. Its diecast body, mirror-smooth, authentic ‘Torch Red’ paint, trim, and graphics are all as good as you’ll find anywhere; even the foil-thin Cobra badge and Shelby letter are chrome, not printed. The new nose, vented hood, and plumbed engine correctly have the SVT GT40 heads, supercharger, water-air intercooler. The only thing missing is the transverse brace; the show car didn’t have one. The interior is correctly upgraded with two-tone black and red seats, legible revised instruments, SVT sill plates, and a cobra horn button. --SMI