Sunday, November 22, 2009

SUN STAR 1/12 SCALE - 1969 Woodstock Bus Volkswagen Kombi - "LIGHT"

In the USA, the VW Bus became an icon of the 60s and, in particular, of the hippie youth sub-culture. It could carry a number of passengers, camping gear and supplies, its shape was the antithesis the American automobile of the period, and as a second-hand or used vehicle, it was extremely cheap. It quickly became a symbol of the Peace and Love, anti-war generation. Robert R. Hieronimus, Ph.D. has been an acknowledged pioneer in the "New Paradigm" movement for over 40 years. Dr. Bob's most famous Artcar, the Volkswagen bus "Light" (better known as "the Woodstock bus"), was photographed by the Associated Press and Rolling Stone at the original 1969 Woodstock, and is still seen today regularly reprinted in media all over the world. Sunstar have produced this immaculate model in celebration of the 40th anniversary of Woodstock.
Features : Functioning door handles on front and side doors, Extending radio aerial, All four wheels can be changed by unscrewing the 5 nuts, Front seat back folds up for access to removable spare wheel, Fully positionable external mirrors and supports, Removable hub caps, Removable fuel cap, Posable windscreen wipers which also hinge outwards, Movable gear lever, Sun visors fold down and swivel, Front seat back folds up for access to removable spare wheel, Bench seat folds up for access to tool kit, Fully functional steering, Front side windows slide to open, Front quarter-lights open, Working front and rear suspension, Speakers and guitar case accessories, Detailed engine with separate HT leads fan belt, alternator, starter motor etc. Over 600 separate parts

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