Wednesday, November 4, 2009


The Mercedes 350 SL cabriolet hard top is a truly excellent model from Minichamps. A quick glance shows this to be very fine: a closer examination reveals just what high standards can be achieved these days in die-cast.

When you examine the model, note how thin is the casting, particularly important where the roof meets the windows. Note that the windows are flush, yet there appears no unsightly ridges of plastic. The wheels are superbly portrayed. The light clusters both front and rear are excellent. The interior looks perfect with all the dashboard detail, door handles, and so on, picked out in blue mettalic. The windscreen wipers, rear view mirror and wing mirrors are all seperate fittings.

If modern cars fall within your collection, and you want an example of perfection, then do buy this model.

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jean claude said...

Also a nice modell.
My modell is in Silver.