Friday, November 13, 2009


Following the release of the 1977 ‘works’ AMG and Person Motorsports models of the Mercedes CLK-GTR, the 1998 Champions, gained by victory a the last race, were Klaus Ludwig and Ricardo Zonta, who beat the favourites Bernd Schneider and Mark Webber to the title. The car shown is the Schneider/webber car with racing number 1. When first raced at Le Mans, the car was a dismal failure, retiring early after a fast start; the decision to race at the French circuit proved to be an error.The model has opening doors and removable rear bodywork. The interior of the driver’s cockpit reveals plenty of detail, including all the knobs and dials. The rear body shows engine internals, full suspension detail and engine wiring, which, for a model of this size and cost, represents good value for money. The car carries ‘D2’ and ‘Warsteiner’ sponsorship. See more.

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