Friday, August 21, 2009


Introduced onto the roads of London in 1959, the all-new Austin FX4 taxicab was set to replace the FX3, which had first appeared some ten years earlier. Built to the exacting specifications of the Public Carriage Office, the new cab at last gave full all-weather protection for the cab driver in a purpose-built volume production taxicab. Powered by the trusty 2.2 litre diesel BMC engine or similar capacity petrol engines, the FX4 could still turn on a 25 foot ‘sixpence’ and carry four or five people in comfort with their luggage. The original cabs are easily recognizable by the ‘teddy bear’ turn indicators mounted on the roof sides, small rear lamps and a smoked glass rear screen for privacy. Initially only available in black, the FX4 can now be had in any colour you like. It has been updated and modernized frequently over the last 30-odd years, with the lastest derivative still the only real volume production taxicab on the streets of London. Like the AEC Routemaster, and built at almost exactly the same time, these two vehicles epitomize London and are known world-wide. See more.

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