Thursday, July 9, 2009


Imagine a Fiat 600 with the bonnet cut off and an extra passenger section mounted amidships and you have, in essence, the Fiat Multipla. Introduced in 1955 it was produced until 1964. With a total length of 139ins (354cm) it had three rows of seats to accommodate six people. Powerd by the Fiat 600 saloon engine of 633cc, the little bus would happily do 50 mph and give 45 mpg. The rear-mounted engine meant luggage space was limited but the seats did fold down. Used as taxis in their native Italy, the fully independently sprung minibus was the original people carrier back in the mid 1950s, an idea that has been taken up by the Japanese car manufactures of today.

Our 1:18 scale Fiat 600 Multipla Taxi is chocked full of great features. The driver's side front door opens showing taxi meter and luggage area. The rear passenger door also opens revealing soft-to-touch upholstery on the folding and bench seats. The engine is wired and plumb. There's even a luggage rack on top and a toolbox with tools. Model Feature Opening Trunk Soft-to-Touch Upholstery Opening Front Drivers Door Complete Toolbox is Included Opening Rear Passenger Door 4-Cylinder 32hp. Engine is Wired and Plumb Half the Front Seat was the Inside Luggage Compartment Precision Die-Cast Replica 7.5 Inches Long 1:18 scale. See more.


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