Monday, July 13, 2009


The BMC 1800 Berlina Aerodinamica, to give it the correct title, was an extremely handsome concept car from 1967. As the name indicates, it was designed by Pininfarina, and was actually a serious contender to replace the Austin 1800 as BMC’s flagship four-door family saloon. The model of the 1800 Pininfarina is not exactly common; in fact, this Matchbox miniature appears to be the only one.

The model featured opening front doors. Initially, it was painted a lovely metallic gold colour, with white interior, clear windows and an unpainted base and headlights. Examples produced after 1972 were painted orange, and could vary from a light peach colour through to a very vivid orange. Early models had narrow wheels, while later ones had thick wheels and larger wheel arch cutouts to accommodate them.

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