Saturday, May 30, 2009

Y23 - 1930 MACK 'AC' TANKER

Over the years, there have been many versions of the Mack type ‘AC’ as truck. 1991 saw the release of the second livery on the Mack ‘AC’ tanker, that of ‘Conoco’. Although this had a white tank and the red livery of the rest of the model was lighter than the ‘Texaco’ red, it proved to be no more popular than ‘Texaco’. The ‘Conoco’ was developed in the Macau factory, but the regular production run was carried out after production had been transfered to the factory on mainland China.

The Mack was one of the first models to have wheels and tryes base on those of the actual vehicle. The cab and chassis for tanker was made from the tooling that was used for the Mack truck. The ‘front’ end consisted of the bonnet and rear mounted radiator, the cab sides and roof, windscreen frame the cab doors, and the cab floor, steps and front mudguards. The tanker was a one-piece casting, which included the rear ‘cupboard’. Set onto a shallow-sided truck body, which included three discharge valves at the rare. Some ‘Conocos’ also appeared fitted with ‘plated’ wheels, this time with a light gold finish, while some others were of a darker gloss red. See more.

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