Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Le Mans 24 Hours is a subject that brings out the passion in collectors. Serious collectors will need to stick to 1/43rd scale, but there are more and more 1/18th scale models availables as well.

A favorite theme for collectors is the winners; every winner since the first race in 1923 has been modelled. No need searching for the winners from 1940 to 1948 though, because there were no races during the war years. Starter made every winner to 2003 in resin and, although they were no longer producing models, collectors can still find them. IXO have set out to produce every winner in diecast and they are now about 40% of the way through the list. The 1933 winning Alfa was red and yellow do the same or make it the authentic red and cream? Latest issue is the stunning Aston Martin DBR9, and IXO's prototype is this month's cover star!

The phototype of IXO's imminent 1/43rd scale model of the Aston Martin DBR9, is shown here. IXO will be producing a limited edition of 3,000 of these models under the ProDrive/Aston Martin brand, in official Aston Martin packaging. This model will also be issued under general release in IXO's Le Mans brand packaging.
Once people have collected all the winners they can expand their interest by collecting all the second and third place finishers, or a marque such as Jaguar, Porsche of Ferrari, or British car that race at Le Mans, or simply the cars that the collector especially likes. --Model Collector

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