Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Diecast Car Corgi No.1128A - Priestman Cup Shovel produced by The Mettoy Co. Ltd. in England since 1963-1976. It is 16.6 cm in length (when extended as far to get the shaft) to 6.2 cm wide.

Priestman Brother Ltd. is a manufacturer of heavy machinery, very old and famous of England. Established since 1915 by William Dent Priestman. He is the first one who had designed the locomotive engine by using engine oil. Hull is the first facility in the UK. In the picture (white - black) is the first lap the car of Priestman.

This is a lap car models manufactured in the decade to 1980 which continues to shape the manner similar to knee-generation car in 1960, which brought Corgi number 1128A diecast production car in 1963.

Priestman Cup Shovel diecast cars have body parts on the control room and orange, yellow bottom of the drive, stick cast metal scoop bulge "Priestman" gray, from black rubber rhythmic metal wheels, spin button control to get the shaft metal. Time this button clockwise rotation, the shaft will get the work order to draw material from, bottom lid tray. In closed position, the shaft knee raise. When lifting tray top - bottom tray lid is opened only to material. Cycle and start again.

Corgi No.1128 production car lap out are 2 version plastic and rubber carterpillars. Heavy equation is actually diecast car.

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