Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Die-cast Vanguard No.VA10005 Morris Minor Traveller was designed and produced by lledo PLC. in England 1997. The length is 8.8 cm. (1:43)

Morris car and Austin Mini is relative car because it was produced in the same product plant that is British Motor Corporation. The real Morris Minor was assembled in between 1948-1971. A total of every kind of the product is 1,368,291 cars.

For a Morris Minor Traveller (ESTATE) it has a special character. The back structure of the Van with the back door is made from wood ASH. The Morris Traveller began to assemble in 1952 and finished this output in 1956. This model used the engine 803 cc. 30 mph. (4800 RPM) a highest speed is 97 km/hr.

This die-cast Morris Minor Traveller of Vanguards is cream body, the front and back bumper, the wheel cover and front light, plated chromium, rim of the door, door handle, front hood, back door hinge, gasoline tank cover, shield water wiper and silvery bronze colour. The box has a photo of the car and variety of data which is specific data in each car. It is mainly different from others that were designed for multi-purpose, using to load for every kind if it is the same scaling car of Vanguards. It is complete with spare parts that are side viewing mirror, a car photo card with its history of the car on the backside of the card.

Monday, June 23, 2008


The BMW Isetta was introduced as an economy vehicle in 1955 and became a world-wide successful seller, through to the early 1960s. It was built between 1955 and 1962 with a one cylinder, 298 cc motorcycle engine and managed 70 per gallon with a top speed of 55 mph.
As an economical vehicle it not only displayed the attraction of cheap motoring but also gave the simplicity of parking in any small space, and as a result almost 200,000 cars were built to meet demand.
The rear engined car had an unusual full width front door, two large front wheels and two small narrowly set rear wheels. The English market version, nicknamed the “Bubble Car”, had only one rear wheel, to render the vehicle eligible for the UK motorcycle license laws.

The die-cast 1958 BMW Isetta 250 was issued in a large variety of colours-pink, red, yellow, green, orange, maroon and blue. Beautifully crafted 1958 BMW Isetta 250 diecast model car 1:43 scale die cast by Hongwell Cararama. Great collectible or gift piece. It is one of the best showcase model for any auto enthusiasts. See More.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


1:18 Scale garage equipment accessories. These diecast metal garage equipments are great for creating diorama for your diecast collection. Kit comes with welding torch, battery packs, air compressor, engine stand, tool boxes, floor jack, and creeper. Price $15.99. Shop here.


Beautifully crafted 1959 Volkswagen Beetle "For Sale" diecast model car 1:24 scale die cast by Jada Toys. This is a very highly detailed 1959 Volkswagen Beetle "For Sale" diecast. Every details are well put together. Great collectible or gift piece. 1959 Volkswagen Beetle "For Sale" diecast model car 1:24 scale die cast by Jada Toys is one of the best showcase model for any auto enthusiasts. Shop here.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


This model Corgi No.TY82801 Range Rover - Grada comes from the Standards range and is the evergreen Range Rover in the livery of the Irish Garda. Apart from the standard yellow stripes, you get an excellent door crest and the confidential phone line number.As far as I can recall, this is the first time that a mainstream manufacturer has modeled a Grada vehicle, so full marks to Corgi on this one, let’s have some futhuer forieng forces represented

Friday, June 20, 2008


Matchbox-K9-CLASS Combine Harvast

CLAAS, a European company, has been producing combines for 90 years. As a leading manufacturer, CLASS has pioneered many important combine developments.

Over 60 different toys and models have been produced of the combines that CLAAS has developed during its history. By the early 1960s, demand for higher performance machines from farmers resulted in CLAAS launching the Giant Matador. It had a 87 hp six cylinder engine and 3.0 metre wide table. Lesney was the first toy manufacturer to produce a model of this combine. Like Lesney’s Massey Ferguson 780 it was sold as part of the King Size series. The toy had ground-driven reel and movable unloading auger to improve its play value. It had CLAAS decals and was produced in two basic colours – green, and red, not a CLAAS colour. I have only green model.


The die-cast Brumm No.R234 Porsche 550RS (America 1954). It was produced in Italy, the length is 8.7 cm. (Scale 1:43)

Brumm were established in 1972, the name being derived from Brumm di Milano, meaning Milan taxi. The founders were Reno Tattarletti, Virginio Bianchi and Emilio Molteni, who had previously all worked for the model company Rio.

In more recent times Brumm has turned its attention to competition cars, dating back to the 1930s. These models are die-cast in 1:43 scale.

The real Porsche car 550RS, especially, the body is slivery bronze with the number of 130 and “LITTLE BASTARD” label. The upper of this label has a number plate of 2Z77767; it was a various friends of James Deen, the well-known adolescence in the period of 1950. It is a well-known car, leading him to a full stop before becoming adult.

This die-cast Porsche 550RS is silvery bronze. It was copied from James Deen’s car. The accessory mainly made of metal, red cushion, handle gear is chromium, clear windshields windows. The thick body is a good heavy weight. Shop here

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


The die-cast Dinky No.DY9 - 1949 Land Rover (Series I) was produced by Matchbox International Limited in Macau (Portugal) in 1989. The langht is 8.1 cm. (Scale 1:43)
In 1987 Matchbox International had bought the name and trade mark from Dinky. Dinky was the old firm that produced the die-cast of England. It was established since a decade in 1930. After buying the Dinky Company, in 1988 Matchbox began to produce Dinky, a scale 1:43 by using a code for inst. DY, DYM and sometime used 5 digits with a different styles of the production for more than 200 designs. (until 2001)

For the die-cast of Land Rover Series I which is a short bearer pickup car “Dinky Collection”. It is green body & windscreen, green wheels, black interior, tan canopy, and black base.

Buy it now.

The first Land Rover was designed in 1948 in the United Kingdom by Maurice Wilks, chief designer at the British car company Rover on his farm in Newborough, Anglesey. It is said that he was inspired by an American World War II Jeep that he used one summer at his holiday home in Wales. The first Land Rover prototype 'centre steer' was built on a Jeep chassis. A distinctive feature is their bodies, constructed of a lightweight rustproof proprietary alloy of aluminium and magnesium called Birmabright. This material was used owing to post war steel shortages and a plentiful supply of post-war aircraft aluminium. This metal's resistance to corrosion was one of the factors that allowed the vehicle to build up a reputation for longevity in the toughest conditions. It is reckoned that 75% of all those ever built are still in use.


Die-cast Corgi Junior No.16 Land Rover Pickup was produced in England 1971. The length is 7.1 cm. The real Land Rover is 4x4 wheels drive. The first appearance is in Motor Show in Amsterdam, Netherland in April 1948. After that, around 2-3 months, it began to assemble Land Rover series I to be marketed for 450 Pounds.
This die-cast Land Rover (might be Series III) It is metallic olive body, black plastic base, clear windows, no interior and tow hood.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


The die-casting car of Corgi No.CC86518 BMW Mini Cooper Munich Police Car was produced by Corgi Classic Ltd. GB in China 2005. It was limited edition. The police car of German is regarded as one of the best country police car in the world, including the top leading car of the world such as Brabus CLS Rocket, Porsche 911 Carrera, including this BMW Mini Cooper of Munich Police Car. The die-cast of this BMW Mini Cooper is 10.1 cm. long, alternative white and green with a word “POLIZIE” on the front hood. It has a German Police Logo on both sides, a blue signal light on the roof, clear windows, black interior, and black underneath. These die-cast cars are only 3,800. See more.


The die-cast car Johnny Lightning-40th Anniversary 007 Villainous Vehicles was produced by Johnny Lightning in China 2003 in order to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of James Bond 007, a set in this film for only 27 cars. This set is the fourth that composed of 4 cars. Even the most evil men on earth need to get around in style. Whether it's the classic style of Drax's Hispano-Suiza limousine (from Live and Let Die)

The purposeful utility of Sanchez's Jeep (from Licence To Kill)

Locque's dune buggy (from For Your Eyes Only)

The '57 Chevy driven by Mr.Jones (from Dr.No)

These memorable rides were significant players in some of James Bond's greatest adventures. Such a devious collection of machinery has never before been assembled one box! All of them are made of metal body and underneath. Details are distinguished beautifully. Shop here.

Monday, June 16, 2008


This Lledo No.73000 – 1955 VW Kombi Van was produced in England 1998, cream body, bumper and underneath of the car is deep red metal. It was a special production in the occasion of the 10 years’ anniversary of the radio broadcasting station “Hospital Radio Fox”. It was a radio broadcasting station of two big hospitals in Leicester, England. It began to broadcast in 1988, the first announcer was Bob Machon. The programme of the Radio Fox had ever received many prizes. The character of the station was managed by a donation and volunteer workers, a total of more than 50 persons. This replica car had ever been used in the business of Radio Fox. It was produced a limited edition of only 1,000 cars with certificate.


Today, I have a nicely loving Volkswagen car for viewing. It is 1955 VW Camper of Lledo in a complete set of the Custom and Classic Collection, it was produced in England in the year 1996. Its length is 8.8 cm. It is a lights purple colour, decorated with a Hippy pattern. During this era, a certain arts of the appearance and the stripe mainly were used of a highly crisscross brilliant colour. They were preferred to used the old VW camper as a transportation, painted brightly colour. It was a stripe of lining flower as a pattern of the Hippy. They were a group of Hippy who against the war. The VW Camper of Lledo has a symbol of peace.

Friday, June 13, 2008


Die-cast Corgi No.POV22-1972 Morris Minor Potal Engineering Van was produced by Mattel UK Limited in China 1993 by receiving a license from British Post Office. This model of Morris Minor car was used as a standard for the British Post Office from 1963 after using it almost 20 years, it was released from using it in 1972.

This enterprise of the British Post Office was established in 1660 by Charles II of England. It was the first country to initiate a system of Post Office. In order to honour the first initiator, a stamp of England, it was only a country that did not mention the country on the stamp. Trying to observe the British stamp you might see to it without country.

While the enterprise Morris car which was a close relation with the Mini that we are crazy about, it was established in 1913 by William Morris (1877-1963) . This die-cast Morris Minor Van is 8.5 cm. long, red colour body, black baseplate, a silver ladder on the roof, “Postal Engineering” logo. It has a small alphabet on the rim of the wheels in front and at the back that is 24 and 28. (It seems to be the pressure of the tire)

Thursday, June 12, 2008


The die-cast Land Rover from the cinema TV, a set of Daktari was produced in China by Corgi Classic Ltd. The Length is 9.8 cm.

“Daktari” (a language of Swahilee, means Doctor) It was a story of a veterinarian who learnt a behavior of the animal in order to help every kind of animal in West Africa. Daktari was a television series that aired on CSB from 1966-1969. The show had distinctive accompanying music that was a fusion of jazz and African influences. Shelly Manne contributed music; he released an affiliated record, Daktari: Shelly Manne Performs and Conducts His Original Music for the Hit TV Show, on the Atlantic Records label in 1968. According to the liner notes on the album, Manne and his fellow percussionists play ankle and wrist jingles, Thailand mouth organs, aungloongs, ocarinas, vibraphones, tympani, and different kinds of marimba.

The original Corgi company never made another safari toy, but in 1998, new Corgi issued a commemorative Daktari set. No.07104 included the old 1/43rd scale Land Rover, but the wheels are different, and the rear window in the cab is larger. The black stripes are bolder, as are the Wameru transfers, which are now on the pick-up sides. Included with the vehicle are very good models of Judy the chimp and Clarence with his glasses. The box is particularly pleasing, with Daktari logo, Clarence artwork, publicity stills and photos of a Land Rover on Safari. Although it’s not a limited edition, it may prove a little harder to find than its contemporaries. Shop here.


It had been produced a special car for viewing once again. It is a die-casting Lledo No.86002-1955 VW Camper, asset of Collectors Club Summer 1998. It was produced in England, 1998. The length is 8.6 cm. The production was limited to only 1500 cars. This one is number 627, an orange Volkswagen, the body is black metal, clear window, black interior, a special casting, including a Limited Certificate. It was rarely finding one because this die-casting car had been produced for member of Lledo Collectors Club (Founded in 1990)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

1961 LINCOLN X-100 KENNEDY Car in Blue

Beautifully crafted 1961 Lincoln X-100 Kennedy Presidential Limo diecast model car 1:24 scale die cast by Yat Ming. This is a very highly detailed 1961 Lincoln X-100 Kennedy Presidential Limo diecast model car 1:24 scale die cast by Yat Ming. Every details are well put together. Great collectible or gift piece. 1961 Lincoln X-100 Kennedy Presidential Limo diecast model car 1:24 scale die cast by Yat Ming is one of the best showcase model for any auto enthusiasts.

I do not usually review item's I buy on Amazon yet I am so pleased with the quality and detail of this product, I just had to rave. I have been collecting die cast models from the Franklin and the Danbury mint's for the past 20 years. I first purchased an inexpensive fire truck for my son. He loved and appreciated it so much, I became interested. I examined it and was quite impressed. I bought him 3 others. I than ordered the entire presidential series after I bought the model of Kennedy's blue Lincoln. The paint finish is unmatched. The detail and molding is hard to believe. No details were missed! Even small presidential seals adhered to the inside back doors. There is even carpeting on the floor boards and trunk! It is much better quality than the mint's for a 3rd of the price. Try it, you'll be hooked. - Timothy P. Madrid "Timitzer"-CA


It's a Batmobile for the new millennium! This outstanding set includes a detailed 1:43 scale vehicle in special limited edition colors, plus a beautifully sculpted 4-inch tall resin-cast and numbered figure of Batman himself! It's all packaged in a collector-quality black and silver foil box with a certificate of authenticity, ready for play or display for ages to come. Glom onto yours while the glomming is good! Limited edition. This unbeatable series from Corgi brings the coolest Batman vehicles to life, along with their famous owners! Each 1:43 scale car comes with a spin-cast metal figure of one of Gotham City's most well-known costumed residents, and every set includes a limited edition certificate of authenticity and high-end packaging, perfect for displaying. Shop here. and See more.


I collect bat mobiles, and haven't been happy with the new design since the 1966 George Barris version... until now ! This car enhances all the great features from the popular T.V. Series version. Everything from the domed windows and duel exhausts, to the extreme bat- winged tail fins, makes this one of my favorite Batman "Hot Wheel" car's ever ! The NEW purple and black paint job was the icing on the cake ! (Comment by Scott C. Derry "Toy Collector") See more.