Monday, December 8, 2008


Jack Clark & Robert P. Wicker Hot Wheels, The Ultimate Redline Guide, Second Edition, takes an in-depth look at Redline Hot Wheels cars manufactured between 1968 and 1977. Everything you loved about the first edition is still here! Over 1,500 larger-than-life color photographs complement hundreds of listings, which include all color variations and current collector values. Besides Hot Wheels cars, collector buttons are listed and valued, as are track sets, play sets, sticker sheets and decals, parts, and related merchandise. This all-new second edition has been revised and expanded to include more variations and values for both loose and packaged vehicles. The new standard for Redline collectors also includes special sections on prototype vehicles, as well as vehicles inspired by 1970s cartoon series. Collector checklists are once again provided, in addition to user-friendly indexes. Multiple, full-color photos of each vehicle make it easy to identify cars. Cars are listed by value, from common to rare. The best guide for Redline Hot Wheels collectors just got better! See more.

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