Friday, November 28, 2008


Muscle from an Unexpected Source 1970 AMC Rebel ôThe Machineö A One-Year Wonder By 1970 AMC was trying whatever it could to compete with the Big 3 of Ford, GM and Chrysler. After experimenting for a couple of years with muscle cars, they hired Hurst Products to develop what became ôThe Machineö. Part of AMC's mid-sized, mid-priced Rebel line, ôThe Machineö was built for speed. The 340hp. 4-barrel V-8 with a Hurst 4-speed gearbox was lightning quick off the line. Other standard features included high back bucket seats, functional Ram-Air hood scoop and dual exhausts. Precision Engineered to Original Specifications AMC introduced ôThe Machineö at the NHRA 1969 World Championships. Although they played down its speed, it had a lot of engine for a mid-sized car and easily held its own against the bigger name muscle cars of that era. Of the 1936 produced for $3475, the first 1000 were made in this special white with blue and red trim color scheme. After that you could order it in any of the Rebel colors. See more.


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