Friday, August 29, 2008


There are only three styles of side container of motorcycle in a three styles of sidecar in a period of Regular Wheels.
We seldom see the die-casting motorcycle side container car in the marketing die-cast. Even though, Matchbox is one of the big producers of die-cast in the world. It has produced 3 styles only in a period of early to the era of Regular Wheels during 1948-1968. These sidecars are as follows:

No. 4C Triumph Motorcycle & Sidecar was produced in 1960 with three colors, a hardly to find one is metallic bronze. It is 5.4 cm. long.
No.36B Lambretta Scooter & Sidecar was produced in 1961 with two colors that is metallic pale green & dark green. It is 5 cm. long.
No.66B Harley Davidson Motorcycle & Sidecar was produced in 1962. It is only one car that is metallic bronze. It is 6.4 cm. long. All of them were produced in England. At present they are in good condition. Especially, on the above mentioned, No.4C, metallic bronze is scarcely to find.

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