Tuesday, August 27, 2013


What a real delight this model is. It may only be a 40's bus, but in many ways it looks older, thanks to the old fashioned Midland lettering and the squareness of the Utility body.

Look up close, and it is yet another virtually new casting around the cab area. Of course the radiator is different from previous Utilities, but so also is the area below the driver's screen, with new positioning again for the cast-in headlights and the cover box.

The bonnet is the same length as the previous Mk I Arab, not the Mk II with the extended length. The mudguards are created in the plastic moulding used for the chassis, and follow a different pattern for the odd Mk II or curvier Mk I wings.

he fluted top of the Daimler radiator is nicely cast-albeit in plastic- and again there is the well-detailed interior roof. Shop here

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