Saturday, September 29, 2012


The Daimler CW is released in Green Line livery. It's as well moulded and detailed a body as any from OOC so far. Nice details include the noticeable ribbing between panels characteristic of the Utilities, the moulded battery box at the front and some careful detailing around the driver's door. It's plastic detail that makes the model, however. The interior seat moulding capture quite nicely the slatted seats that made such an impression (on their behinds) to war-time and post-war travellers.

The handsome Daimler fluted radiator is sadly black rather than gleaming metal this is totally authentic of course, the bus being delivered in 1945 when austerity measures were in full effect. The bus modelled is a CWD6 with a Duple body and smooth Daimler engine, rather than the Gardener engine of the earliest batch. Particularly to be commended is the tampo printing. The Green Line symbols are very nice done. Shop here

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