Monday, November 21, 2011


This model is a highly detailed model in 1:18 Scale. For the past 20 years, Minichamps has strived to bring to the demanding collector the very best quality die-cast collectable money can buy. Minichamps products year after year bring a variety of models in various scales from the major automotive manufacturer’s of the world, encompassing the classic racing & road car to the contemporary models as well as current Formula 1, Moto GP, & Military models. The Bentley Azure is a four seated convertible. The azure is based on the modified platform of the Bentley Arnage and uses the engine of the Arnage R. Into the platform as well as the build up numerous strengtheners were integrated, in order to eliminate the convertible typical body rigidity problems that a convertible has in comparison to a coupe. On the same platform, the coupe namely the Brooklands is also based. The Azure is equipped with a full electronic cloth convertible hood. The base price is 334.021 € and as a result it is the second most expensive convertible, behind the Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupé (440.300 €) world wide. In 2008 the Azure T, a more powerful car, in terms of power and torque, was added to the Azure line. The engine, the side air intakes and the front bumper of the Azure T are designed in the Anarge T Saloon Style. The 20” rims also stem from the Saloon, as well as the aluminium pedals and the leather design (“Diamond Cut”) in the door and mid console. Shop here


Anonymous said...

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Juanh said...

Hermoso Bentley, y más en color azul.

Meier & Frank Merchandise Co. Inc. said...

Superb! It’s looking like a real convertible car Great for those who are interested in die cast collectibles. Check this antique collectibles at