Monday, October 10, 2011



Maisto makes terrific die cast models. This one is no exception. If you own a Chrysler Crossfire, or wish you did, you might enjoy having this highly detailed model to park somewhere indoors where you can admire it when you're not enjoying the real thing. 

The details are very good - hood, doors, and hatch all open. But that by itself doesn't guarantee a great model. Fortunately here, the details are all correct, with even the smallest parts faithfully modeled in the correct colors. The steering wheel moves together with the front wheels that may be posed in a range of positions. 

I like that Maisto even with to the trouble of making the wheels and tires the right sizes - with the correct proportioned smaller front wheels and tires and larger rear - to give the model the same aggressive appearance sitting on your shelf as it has at the curb! 

This model is of the normally aspirated, six-speed manual, so SRT owners go begging (or face the challenge of finding a 1/18-scale set of upgrade parts to make it so)!--Paul Mark Provencher "ppro"  Shop here

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David John Shewsbury said...

Agree, those die cast car models from Maisto offer great details at decent price, nothing as great as those from Auto Arts but then again the price are way much "friendly" than those from Auto Arts as well.