Saturday, October 1, 2011


This model released the Matchbox King-Size K-17 Ford D800 Articulated Low Loader with Case Bulldozer in 1970. The tractor and trailer were always painted green all over except for the yellow fuel tanks which when lifted would uncouple the tractor unit from the trailer. The baseplate was silver painted and it included the grille as part of the casting which meant it did not need silver trim. The cab was fitted with green tinted plastic windows and it had a red roof beacon. Both tractor and trailer were fitted with red plastic hubs with black plastic tyres which included a spare wheel mounted to the top of trailer.

The bulldozer had a red painted body with a yellow baseplate which included the engine and dozer blade as part of the casting. It also had yellow plastic rollers and a removable yellow metal cab roof and it was fitted with green rubber tracks which were replaced by black rubber tracks on the later issues. Both the the Tractor unit and the Bulldozer had decals for 'Laing' but later 'Taylor Woodrow' decals were fitted including extra decals applied to the back of the tractor cab and to the back of the Bulldozer cab.

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Carl Draper said...

i think you got slightly confused between the two different sets. The "yellow fuel tanks which when lifted would uncouple the tractor unit from the trailer" were only on the earlier release which had a different truck floor-pan. The earlier truck was all dark green with yellow tanks. Earlier models had double wheels all round, trailer was dark green, later was like this, light green.