Friday, July 8, 2011


In the 1930s the fledgling UK oil industry's numerous and conspicuous outdoor petrol advertisrments attracted critical attention from local authorities.

Shell introduced an imaginative and much praised alternative by displaying 30 by 40 inch posters on the side of its delivery trucks.

These posters continued the trend established by Shell in the 1920s for advertising with distinctive graphics, humour and highly original eye-catching work, using well-known artistics such as Rex Whistler and H.M. Bateman, toconvey the company's personality to customers.

A further poster series was commissioned by Shell from the most respected names in 20th century art, including Graham Sutherland, Edward McKnight Kauffer, Paul Nash, Edward Nicholson, John Piper and Vanessa Bell. Together their work offers a graphic chronicle of the dawn of mass motoring and the development of advertising.

By 1997 the motor industry and 'The Shell Transport and Trading Company' will have celebrated 100 years. The recurring theme from the posters of the 1930s-enjoyable and trouble free motoring with Shell-continue to be the cornerstone of the relationship Shell has with motorists today.

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