Saturday, July 9, 2011


After winning the very first Grand Prix ever in 1906, Renault returned to Grand Prix racing in 1977. The 1980 French Grand Prix was held at Paul Ricard on June 29, 1980. Renault chose to open the season by developing and modifying their existing cars - chassis RS10, RS12 and RS14 - however during the season, built 3 new cars. To pay respect and honor their main sponsor, the Elf petroleum company, these new cars were dubbed the RE20, RE21, and RE22, with the 'RE' standing for 'Renault Elf'. Exoto has recreated the RE20 driven by Rene Arnoux in the 1980 French Grand Prix in beautiful 1/18 scale! This model is gorgeous and full of the details we've come to love and respect Exoto for. There are way too many to name so here's just a few: - fully detailed drivers cockpit with suede-like seat covering - authentic three-tone Renault colors - removeable cowling for full view of chassis and engine detail - functioning steering and front suspension - numerous photo-etched details - fully wired and plumbed, twin turbo, Renault-Gordini V6 engine - ...AND SO MUCH MORE! Here's a little more history on the car, courtesy of Drivers Rene Arnoux and Jean-Pierre Jabouille watched as the French engineers worked hard during the off-season to make the very powerful 1.5-litre, twin turbocharged engine more reliable. By the end of the season, Arnoux had won two Grands Prix victories (Brazil and South Africa) while Jabouille scored one victory (Austria). At the 1980 French Grand Prix, Renault was expected to do very well due to the nature of the long straight at the Paul Ricard circuit. Arnoux started in second position and finished fifth while Jabouille started a disappointing sixth and blew his transmission on the first lap. It was obvious that Renault still had a ways to go until the bugs were completely worked out of their very sophisticated cars.

This model has a lift-off upper body, just as the original of 20 years ago. It reveals intricate wiring, as well as the engine detail that you would expect from this series. See more

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