Monday, June 20, 2011


The Studebaker Lark Station Wagon (42b) had been released in the US in Nevember 1964, but it did not appear in Europe until the New Year. This model appeared at a time when Matchbox was including the maimum number of features to provide value for money. It was decides to enhance this model by including a sliding rear roof panel over the rear compartment.

The usual features of the time were included, in terms of spring suspension, clear plastic windows and a moulded white plastic interior which was extended to include a rear tow hook. A white plastic hunter complete with rifle and hound completed the accessories.

Early models were painted in blue but, as time went by, lighter blue versions appeared. The sliding roof became progressively lighter in colour until a very pale blue sliding roof panel appeared. The earliest boxes depict a red car but this was never issued. A pre-production version with red body, pinkroof and blue roof panel is shown for the sake of interest. It is presumed that this two-colour version was just too expensive to manufacture. Another trail version is known to exist, fitted with Police decals from the Ford Galaxy, but this idea did not reach production.

The only casting variation associated with this model concerns the tow slot below the front bumper which was cast into subsequent releases. The model was never fitted with Superfast wheels as it was replaced by the Iron Fairy Crane in 1969.--Model Collector

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