Wednesday, June 29, 2011


The 1941 Willys 'America' Coupe was intended to be a low-cost 'people's car' but World War II didn't give it chance. After the war, its clean, uncluttered good looks, light weight, and a adaptability to a wide variety of V-8 engines made it a favorite with drag racers and it's now a popular street rod subject. It's also one of the first rods. The body is stock and Road Signature has modeled its line and proportions very accurately. In true hot rod fashion, all the chrome trim except the characteristic Willys toothy grille has been removed. The basic black paint is glossy, with some orange peel, and is set off by neatly printed flames. Oversize chrome wheels, low-profile rubber, and disk breakes at all four corners identify it as a modern street rod, as does the interior with its fully instrumented console and multiple speakers in the door panels. Under the hood, the Chrysler Hemi V-8 engine is wiered and plumbed, although the plug wires are pretty thick. More evidence of contemporary construction can be seen in the fuel aell and nitrous oxide bottle in the trunk. Wheelbase checks out to the listed 1:18 scale too. Shop here

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