Wednesday, June 1, 2011


This model is Matchbox King-Size K-1 O&K Hydraulic Excavator. It had a red body with a silver grey Jib, red plastic hubs with black plastic tyres and the cab had amber tinted windows. The jib had no less than three hydrosleeves keeping the jib in position and the Jib had red and white 'MH6' labels while the sides of the cab had a red and white label with 'O&K' inside a diamond shape. The model was converted to superfast wheels in 1971. It kept it's red & silver grey from the regular wheeled model but the superfast issue can be found with red and white or yellow and black 'O&K' labels and amber or clear windows. The earliest design for the O&K Excavator had only two hydrosleeves as the two upper parts of the jib were cast as one piece. It is not known weather any of these one piece jibs actually got into circulation.

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