Saturday, June 18, 2011


 Gile's Citroen comes in two colours, a sparkly metallic silver, as well as a shark skin colour grey. Silver version was in the original release of four Buffy vehicles and the grey hit the shelves in the second release. Both use the same mould, tan coloured interior, tyres and so on, however there is a considerable difference between the two colours that make it worthwhile collecting both. Both releases like all other vehicles in the Buffy series come with a bonus collector card. These have a variety of images of various actors from the TV show, of course the ones with Sarah Michelle Gellar cost a lot more to collect these days. You can get the other actor carded vehicles fairly cheap with the exception of Alyson Hannigan (Willow) who has increased in demand since How I Met Your Mother became one of the biggest shows in recent times. 

Not only can you get the different actors on the collector cards but you can also get them wearing different clothing and with different quotes. The better quotes with Sarah on them are also more expensive than the ones about pep and so forth. When these do come online as loose cars they sell for a fraction of the blister pack prices. Without the pack though, you wouldn't even know they were from Buffy. So tracking down the right actor card and quote is important as you're not likely to be removing your Citroen from the blister pack.
--James Simpson Shop here

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