Thursday, June 23, 2011


Bburagos range of 1/24 scale die cast cars offer the collector detail and value for money. With subjects spanning motoring eras old and new and from some of the worlds biggest car names, theres sure to be something for all collections. Each model has been replicated in 1/24 scale meaning you can collect and show more in a smaller space. The cars feature a factory painted metal body with multiple coloured plastic detailing parts and depending on the car, models feature opening doors, detailed interiors and engines. Shop here


priya said...

Absolutely beautiful, thanxs for creating this awesome widget. Mercedes Cars Melbourne

Kids-Nook said...

it really is a beautiful model!

I loved Bburago 1:24 diecasts since I was a around 10 when I got my first ones. And I tried to share them with my kid and got him a few models.

The boxes of their 1:24 cars says they're for ages 3+... but that is so wrong. Welly and other manufacturers of similar models state that their cars are for 6+, 8+ etc... and this is because of the amazing attention to detail. For example, the wheels that can turn - just how long do you think it will take a 3-4 year old to dismantle it.
Check out my post 1:24 diecast cars to see a photo gallery of what happens with them after you give them to a toddler... it does not look pretty :D