Monday, April 11, 2011


This is one of the most impressive models I've seen from Maisto. They are a difficult company to fully figure out- often their products have ranked as average at best, but they are more than capable of performing real quality works, as this model shows. Built in Thailand and released in a glossy metallic silver paint with tan interior, this model of the Cayenne is 1:18th of the real thing. It weighs something over a pound, is about 10.5 inches long and 4 inches wide.

Functionality: the driver's and front passenger's door open, and while the hinges squeak something awful on mine, the doors are more securely mounted than I've seen on some models. The hood and rear liftgate open as well. The hinges on those are a bit stiff, somewhat like the doors, but again all these moving parts are mounted pretty well. Also to be considered is the fact that because all the opening parts are a bit stiff, they don't swing open and shut whenever they feel like it, and you don't have to do anything to make them stay open. Now, the rear passenger doors, left and right, do not open.

Appearances: this model looks realistic, just as it should. The underside, hood, interior, and exterior all have a remarkable look and feel of quality and detail to them. Maisto's Cayenne also has a certain sharpness to its appearances. Taut, well-made. Just like the German automobile it replicates.

Understand, of course, that this is not meant to be a toy. Something more simple, and durable, would probably be better if that's the kind of use you have in mind. But this Cayenne could probably hold up well if treated with care, even as a toy. Just don't get careless and break it. Know it's a model first and foremost. Reviewed by Alan Edward Creager "Master & Commander") Shop here

This is a quality model, and certainly more durable than some models I've come across. Prices aren't too bad, either, from what I've seen. This is definitely one of Maisto's better works. --Alan Edward Creager "Master & Commander") Shop here

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