Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Kyosho is a Japanese model-maker, but the company loves classic British cars of the sixties. And so it was no surprise when they announced that they would be modelling the first ever production Mini Minor, registration 621 AOK. It has now been released. Over the years, there has been some debate about whether 621 AOK really was the first Mini off the production line as it does not have the lowest build number. But recently the mystery was solved. Peter Tothill, who was responsible for the design of the production line has confirmed that he and four other colleagues built 621 AOK over the Easter bank holiday of March 27 - March 30, 1959. The technical build date of May 8 was merely the day the paperwork caught up! It can be definitely confirmed, therefore, that 621 AOK really is the first ever Mini. And, of course, you can be just as confident that Kyosho has crawled over every inch of it to create a totally authentic replica. We, and you, would expect no less! And finally, for those who seek exclusivity, we have had 100 examples signed by the man who made 621 AOK, Peter Tothill. Very unique. Very special. This fantastic model has been accurately produced as a faithful replica of the original vehicle. Kyosho produce high quality diecast models with a great level of detail and high quality finish. Kyosho 1:18 models tend to feature opening body parts. This Kyosho model will make a great gift or great addition to your collection. Shop here

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