Wednesday, December 22, 2010


The Opel Diplomat, saloon (36c) , was originally shown in turquoise on early boxes when they were made available during May 1966.

In fact, it was issued in gold with a white interior. It featured an opening bonnet revealing a chrome plated, or, more rarely, a grey plastic engine. When iewed through the front wheel recesses in the base, it may be seen that the bonnet hinge pin blocks were strengthened from lmm wide to 2mm wide on later models.

Earlier models had no number plate or tow slot. A number plate was quickly added and subsequently, in common with other models, a tow slot was cast behind the number plate, which was itself enlarged.

It is another of the more common models still common, paratively easy to obtain today and rouses little interest. It is therefore pertinent to record that a colour trail model, which had originally been found boxed and painted in turquoise, exchanged hands in the US for $9000 in November 1999. These models may be small in size but never stature, and in some case value. --Model Collector

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