Wednesday, December 8, 2010


This 1970 Volkswagen Kombi van makes a nice addition to any movie die-case vehicle collector as an unofficial release of the Libyan Kombi van that terrorists shot Doc and chased the Delorean being driven by Marty in the shopping centre car park near the start of Back to the Future. Not sure if it is the exact same year Kombi but it is the same colours. The roof even looks like it should open up for terrorists to pop out with machine guns and gun down Doc. Doesn't have the extra headlights above the bumper, not sure if this necessarily means its the wrong year or that Matchbox just didn't include to that detail, or maybe the lights were added to make the Kombi chase scene more menacing by producer Steven Spielberg or director Robert Zemeckis.

It's a nicely made vehicle by Matchbox which also comes with a nice bonus box to put the Kombi van in if you open it from the blister pack. It does display nicely in the blister though with a nice image of the Kombi on the blister card as well. This displays very nicely next to the Johnny Lightning diorama Back to The Future Great Scott...Its a Time Machine with Doc's van, the Delorean time machine, and the Marty, Doc and Einstein figures.

These were released in 2010 and sold in shops for about double the price of a normal mass produced Matchbox vehicle. --James N Simpson   Shop here

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