Monday, September 27, 2010


Founded as an adventurous " walk " of the Milanese to the shores sunny of the Riviera, after a long, gray winter on the plain , this charming regularity race featured the racing four-wheel , Milan and elsewhere, for a long period of time ranging mostly between the thirties and early seventies. The regularity race Milan-Sanremo Cup has been a debut nothing less than at the beginning car , its first edition , in fact , was held April 2, 1906 and other initiatives motor of the period rather than a race was a march of resistance. The event was revived in 1929 to continue with a break in 1936 until the outbreak of World War II when the Coppa Milano -Sanremo , as virtually all competitive activities , was suspended. In 1948, while Milan was heal the serious wounds inflicted by war, the Coppa Milano -Sanremo returned to light again and was greeted with great enthusiasm. Over the years , the event attracted not only Italian competitors , but also crews women and foreign . The success of women's participation was such that for some years was organized a race , reserved for ladies , called " The Pearl of Sanremo - Ladies' Cup . " In the following years until 1973 , the Coppa Milano- Sanremo kept his scheme by adding some thrills on the track at the Autodromo di Monza , and with the inclusion of the circuit Ospedaletti, the accuracy tests and ran uphill. The increase in traffic, but also a different relationship the public and of users with the car after the oil crisis and austerity , took this kind of events to the decline , but leaving fans an indelible memory that can now relive thanks the historical re-enactments . After thirty years of silence, the Coppa Milano -Sanremo has reignited its engines in 2003 and in 2006 celebrated its anniversary and its fourth commemoration came today at the seventh. (From http://www.brumm.itShop here

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