Saturday, September 4, 2010


As Greyhound began updating its fleet following World War II, it turned to GM for new equipment, purchasing 2000 PD-series coaches between 1947 and 1948. Some design and mechanical elements were carried forward into 1950, when the partially restyled PD-4102 was introduced. With seats for 41 and a powerful diesel engine, this transition model received a new front end with the destination sign directly below the windshield. This was replaced in 1951 by the PD-4103, which included the same front, but also had a restyled rear area. Most of the 1501 examples built through 1953 served Greyhound, but some were purchased by other operations. With its classic lines, this model will be a welcome addition to HO highways. Finished in period colors and lettering schemes, the models also feature perfectly printed chrome window frames, turn signals and logos. A full interior, side view mirrors and authentic wheels are also included. The models come fully assembled from plastic and die cast parts, ready for service on layouts or display with any vintage vehicle collection. Buy it now

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