Sunday, August 22, 2010


Lyons started to make ice-cream in 1894 using the turbine bowl method. When refrigeration was further developed after the First World War production increased and automation helped to bring the product to a wider market. Unlike America, ice-cream in Britain was a seasonal phenomena with fluctuating sales depending on the weather pattern. With use of frozen carbon dioxide Lyons were able to ship their ice-cream from the Cadby Hall factory, by train, to most parts of the UK setting up cold stores at several rail-heads. Ice-cream sales continued to grow and new hand-held products were introduced such as the frozen ice-lolly. As with the other parts of the Lyons group expansion of market share was all important and many smaller, regional ice-cream businesses were purchased which included, among others, Eldorado, Neilson's, Midland Counties, Walkers Dairies, Tonibell and Bertorelli. This not only increased Lyons' market share of ice-cream, but brought into the group new, local production facilities thus saving expensive refrigerated transport costs. Despatches around 20th November.

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