Monday, May 10, 2010


The Mini must be fast becomming one of the most modelled cars around. Nevertheless, it is always good to find another fine-looking version for the cabinet, and certainly Kyosho has come up with the goods Kyosho is noted for its accurate, well produced models, and this is no exception.

The car portrayed is the Morris Mini Cooper 1275S, our sample having a red body with white roof. This really is a delightful model in all radiator and front and rear bumpers, to the silver trim around the windows and lower body. Such features as the windscreen wipers, handles and fuel tank cap are all separate chrome fittings.

The front and rear lights are plastic moulded. The tyres and wheels are accurate. Open the bonnet and there is a detailed engine. Open the side doors and a superb interior is revealed, with all the dials and trim, including carpet on the floor. The only feature that does not operate is that the seats do not tip. A lovely model which all Mini collectors should own.

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