Thursday, March 11, 2010


Siku is a quality heavy duty mobile crane. The end of 1999 saw the release of the Siku Mega Lifter in 1/55th scale. This quite remarkable toy would be something for any child to cherish, as it is, it is a quality model and a worthy addition to any collection.

The three stage telescopic boom extends to 97cm which makes this particular crane one of Siku's largest to date. With lockable rams and manual winding of the cable are among many of the working features.

The operator cab extends outwards for better vision swivelling through 360 degrees with the boom. The lorry chassis has been used before on other model mobile cranes, which features extendible outriggers with levelling feet. Overall an excellent model from Siku. Buy it now

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Kids-Nook said...

In my opinion... Siku makes the best models at the 1/50 - 1/55 scale.

- incredibly sturdy
- amazing details
- a lot of functions

Compared to their 1/64 scale they're amazing and I've written about it at Siku Toy Cars. Hope you like my Siku collection.