Saturday, March 27, 2010


This is the Fiat 124 Spyder, which comes initially in black. The model reflects the detail which one is now expecting from new releases, particularly in relation to the interior. With this model one finds the dashboard detail, the steering wheel, gear change and hand brake all carefully reproduced, while such detail as the door handles are picked out in silver. It almost goes without saying that these days there are separate windscreen wipers, door handles, wing mirrors and plastic used to represent the lights. One of a Limited Edition of 1,320 pieces includes Limited Edition Certificate, the model is mounted on a removable plinth with a hard plastic cover. Buy it now


The 1964 ‘M6 Experiment’ was a study of Police procedure designed to determine the future of motorway policing. The M6, then 88 miles long, was controlled by one Command Centre from 9th March to 6th June and then returned to the three forces involved for a ‘control period’ of nineteen days from 7th June to 26th June. A BEA Bell 46J helicopter, crewed by a Police observer and radio operator, was used during both periods, whilst air and ground cameras were utilized for the first time. The Jaguar modelled wears the distinctive roof numbering which all ‘M6 Experiment’ cars used to enable them to be recognised from the air. Buy it now

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


1926 Morris Cowley “Bluenose”; MOY Y-8 (First Series), 1958. This was modeled on a popular British runabout of the late 1920s: the real auto remains a favorite with British automobile enthusiasts and many are still carefully preserved in running order. Scale 1:50. Length: 2.5in (63.5mm).

Saturday, March 20, 2010


7DBL is an immortal number plate to MGB aficionados because, it was driven to overall victory in the GT Category for sports cars and 17th overall, on the 1964 Monte Carlo Rally by Suffolk based farmers, twins Donald and Erle Morley. They started the event from Oslo and the final result was remarkable for an 1800cc car, albeit one fitted with a ‘stage 6 tune’ engine producing approximately 125bhp. Previously, when fitted with a streamlined nose and aluminium panels, 7DBL had won its class in the 1963 Le Mans, driven by Paddy Hopkirk and Alan Hutcheson. Buy it now.

Friday, March 19, 2010


The Minichamps model is a superbly detailed, highly accurate rendition of the parade Lincoln, dubbed X-100 by the Secret Service. The car itself was specifically built to show off the President and so had a number of unique elements, including two radio telephones, extra jump seats, interior floodlights and retractable steps for Secret Service agents. It even had a hydraulically operated platform which could raise the President so the crowd could see him better.

One quick look at this model is enough to excite the collector: The chrome side trim captures perfectly the lines of the vehicle and the six figures inside flick into your mind images caught for posterity on the legendary Zapruder film. Great care has been taken to recreate the clothes of the four VIP passengers, right down to the angle of Jackie’s hat, the buttons on the collar of the President’s shirt and the exact coif of his hair. Even the flags on the front have been cleverly crafted into wind-rippled cloth with an excellent ripple effect. The wheels are true to the originals, with their whitewall trim and the gold-star-on-white emblems in the centre of the concave hup caps, and the Lincoln badges on the bonnet and on the spare wheel cover at the rear convince you even further. Buy it now

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Following its recent restoration EYH 846C re-enters the world of historic rallying by competing on the internationally renowned 2008 Coppa Milano-San Remo Rally. This demanding event, originally organised by the Automobile Club Milano ran from 1906 to 1973. The revival now allows a new generation of drivers and navigators to compete upon the same roads, in cars from the golden age of rallying. Having been cheered off from the Piazza Dumo, the rally's challenging route winds its way towards Genoa, then the Apennine mountain range and through the Faiallo pass high above the Italian Riviera, before reaching the descent to final clocking in the tiny Principality of San Remo.


If you are looking for an eye-catching model, then this Ford Thunderbird may be your answer. In the 'Raybestos' livery as driven by Jeff Burton in 1995, the colour scheme is certainly bright and bold, with the decoration being excellently produced in the form of transfers. A very pleasing model. See more

Saturday, March 13, 2010


The Mini van was launched five months after the saloon, in January 1960, and remained on sale until 1983. The saloon’s wheelbase was extended by 4 inches and the rear overhang by a further 2.5 inches, creating a load platform 55 inches long, quite impressive in a vehicle which was still only 129.55 inches in length.Vehicles travel down their production line with their doors open, so Mini vans were produced with twin side-hinged rear doors allowing them to be closer together than would have been possible if they had been fitted with a tailgate.
Features include jewelled headlights and detailed cab interior.


This has been one of the most talked about releases that we have ever had. A whole range of circus related vehicles which starts with some 1:76 scale Bedford TK’s all brand new tooling. The first is the generator truck. These are beautifully decorated and are produced with a limited edition of 2,500 pieces, available on a first come first serve basis. We’ve a whole range to come including a long caravan, giraffe box and even a camel trailer. If you want these items which are the first of the series you should place an order immediately, as we are anticipating a lot of demand. Models are 3.5 inches long. See more

Friday, March 12, 2010


The 1:50 scale CAT D11R is a scale replica of Caterpillars second largest Track-Type Tractor. The real machine weighs in at 225,500 lbs or 100.66 tons and is powered by a 850 horsepower CAT engine. The model is equally as impressive as the real machine, the dozer blade raises and lowers, tilts forwards and backwards, the single legged rear ripper also raises and lowers.

Add this earth-moving die-cast model Track-Type Tractor to your collection and replicate a construction site. The detailed 9-inch, 1:50 scale, black-and-gold tractor has a tilting dozer blade; stretchy, removable caterpillar tracks; a mobile ripper; various bars and handles; textured surfaces; exhaust stacks; and rotating cogged wheels above four base wheels. Transparent plastic windows offer interior views of the cab complete with levers and driver's seat. The heavy metal frame makes this vehicle tough to topple. But with its small, potentially finger-pinching moving parts, it's recommended for children ages 8 and older. --Kathryn Gustafson Buy it now


The final release for 1965 was a red and yellow Grit-Spreader on the new Ford D series chassis. It featured a realistic gritting rear tab pull and included a plated grille and tinted windows. It was the second model to fill the No.70 slot.

Most releases had a pale yellow container but a few later models were painted in bright yellow. Axle supports were originally thin but these were later strengthened. At least two moulds were used, since the text may be found positioned high and low.--Model Collector

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Siku is a quality heavy duty mobile crane. The end of 1999 saw the release of the Siku Mega Lifter in 1/55th scale. This quite remarkable toy would be something for any child to cherish, as it is, it is a quality model and a worthy addition to any collection.

The three stage telescopic boom extends to 97cm which makes this particular crane one of Siku's largest to date. With lockable rams and manual winding of the cable are among many of the working features.

The operator cab extends outwards for better vision swivelling through 360 degrees with the boom. The lorry chassis has been used before on other model mobile cranes, which features extendible outriggers with levelling feet. Overall an excellent model from Siku. Buy it now


The first production 2CV was a fascinating looking machine, complete with a stylish grille, louvered bonnet and suicide doors. Vittess's model of this machine is extremely well done, you can almost sink into those hammock seats. Very nicely detailed early 2CV from Vitesse. Buy it now.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


The Karrier W Trolleybus is available in the green and pale cream of Ipswich. With differing tampo-printed advertisements on the nearside and offside, and with extremely well printed coats of arms on both sides, it is a pity that the front advertisements and destination board are in the form of a label. Buy it now.

Monday, March 1, 2010


The MGB was and still is a automotive Icon of the 20th century and was a sports car ahead of it's time. There was nothing cutting-edge about it's drive-line in that it was rear wheel drive with leaf springs mounted on the live rear axel. But the sporty bodyshape is timeless and still looks modern some 35 years on , which was no mean feat. This version is of the 'Rubber Bumper' USA federal model which became a standard bodystyle. B.L could not afford to keep the chrome bumpered model in production alongside the 'Rubber' version. This was forced on the company due to new stringent rules for the USA which was MG's major market. Also the suspension was raised by crude steel wedges under the struts again due to lack of money !. This killed the sharp handling of the little car and the heavy bumpers also damaged the top speed and fuel consupmtion. To my eyes I like the look as it did modernise the 'B' for the late 1970's until 1981 when Abingdon closed it's doors. B.L's failer was to not modernise the MGB so sales slowly tailed off until the bitter end. Then when Micheal Edwards took control of the company MG was not part of the grand recovery plan set in motion in 1979. This is a fine model though I don't like the lurid colour at all but I suppose it's very 1970's ?. The suspension is too low for this type of MGB but with some work it can be raised as I have done. All in all this is a great model of a classic sports car little seen on the roads today.--NEO "Daren" Buy it now