Sunday, December 20, 2009


The unconventional fiberglass body of the Avanti coupe, which was designed by French born Raymond Loewy, still looks modern and contemporary today. The interior theme was aviation with some controls even on the ceiling. The car was built on the shortened version of Studebaker's Lark convertible chassis and was powered by Studebaker's 4.7-liter 289cid V8. However, because of production problems related to itd fiberglass body, only 3,834 Avantis were built in 1963 and 809 in 1964. The problems meant the car was unable to be the promised savior of the troubled Studebaker, which ceased operations in 1966. However, two Studebaker dealers in South Bend, Indiana, bought the rights to the Avanti in 1965 and continued to produce their Avanti II until 1987. See more

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